On any given day, you can catch Drake sitting courtside at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, cheering on his boys Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, Kyle Lowry, and more. It's been a crazy year though and, because of the virus, the National Basketball league was moved to a bubble in Orlando, Florida, where Drake is not authorized to attend games.

Still, he got his fair share of basketball this year as a player, gearing up to play in his recreational league.

The Sanctuary Basketball League is described as the "poor mans NBA" and that it is. Unlike most YMCA rec leagues though, there's actually a championship ceremony, which Drake's team ended up bringing home. The moment was captured as confetti dropped from the rafters of his home court as Drake sipped from a bottle of champagne.

The moment was likely all that the King of Toronto imagined an NBA championship would be like, even including some hate and jealousy from rivals.

Wayno, one of the hosts of Everyday Struggle and a prominent industry figure, commented on Drake's celebration, writing: "Of course he won the championship in his gym lol."

The comment was not met with a cheery smile from Drake.

"You love to chat about next man ur a nerd," replied Drizzy. 

Wayno struck back, saying: "I'm the nerd? nah Gz you just bothered by anything, imagine being bothered after winning a championship."

Considering this was held at Drake's personal court, he obviously had the advantage of knowing his hot spots and playing on the hardwood before. Still, his championship is probably a big deal in his little world so, congrats!