Drake is known for his subliminals, and as a result, fans often jump to conclusions with every second or third person pronoun he uses in a verse. The latest example of such came not with a line, but an image. During his performance of "Days In The East" at his annual OVO Fest, Drake had a screen behind him which briefly flashed Rihanna's image amidst the repeated number 6. Conspiracy theorists quickly concocted a story that Drizzy was equating his former flame to the devil, using the number "666".

As we all know, Drake is on an ongoing quest to make "The Six" (a nickname for his hometown of Toronto) happen, and he explained on Twitter that the number signified nothing outside of that. He also made sure to wish Rihanna well on her upcoming Monster tour with Eminem, and confirmed "it's all love" between him and RiRi.

Rihanna was likely depicted because "Days In The East" interpolates a line from her song, "Stay" (and is rumored to be about her).

Check out the clip from the performance, as well as Drake's tweet below.