There were mixed reactions when Drake dropped his double album, Scorpion, in 2018. While some fans embraced "the more the merrier" philosophy, others felt inundated by its 25 tracks. There have been some iconic double albums throughout music history, but it's no easy feat to pull off. When not executed properly, they can attract criticism for lacking careful curation and dumping a bunch of material in hope that something sticks. In the streaming era, projects that hover in the 20-song range are also often viewed as ploys to boost numbers and revenue. I'm not saying that Scorpion is guilty of any of these things, but I am saying there are people out there who will be pleased to learn that Drake's next album will be significantly shorter. 

While chilling courtside at the Toronto Raptors-Phoenix Suns game on Friday (Feb. 22), Drake spoke to TSN announcers about what has been going on in his life recently. As we could have suspected, The 6 God has been busy cooking up his sixth studio album, which he hopes to keep compact. "I've been doing this for like 10+ years as well... Sometimes you need to set a target goal for yourself just to keep it interesting," the rapper said. "Last album, I went high volume. I did two sides. It was like 20-something songs, which is a lot of songs. This album I'll probably make it more of a realistic offering. Something more concise. It could be 10, 11 songs - 16." 

While Drizzy is shooting for shorter, he explained why it would be difficult for him to craft a project that could fit the template of the Kanye-produced albums of Summer 2018. "I also do a lot of different types of music, so it's tough to make it like a seven song album." In conclusion, Drake said that he's "having a lot of fun" working on #D6 and that's a great sign.