More Life's release was a critical success with fans and experts across social media hailing the project. Chilling out at the end of a hectic and momentous weekend, Drake shared a video of himself vibing to Hiatus Kaiyote's "Building A Ladder" -- a track sampled on "Free Smoke."

In the clip he posted on IG, Drizzy and a member of his team are sitting in the back of a limo. While the latter films their reflection in the glass, Drizzla mimes Nai Palm's poetic words.

"Is it the strength of your fearless over throwing your pain/You’ll see new heights you’ll be reaching/Is it today that you will find your new release?/And in your wake ripples your sweet fate," she sings as Drake gets emotional in the car.

The song appears on the future soul band's album Choose Your Weapon. The lyrics are about meeting halfway with someone you love and are willing to suffer for. 

Check out the clip below.