Despite representing the same city, Drake and The Weeknd have had conflict in the past. Drake is often credited for helping The Weeknd launch his career, although he's often reminded of Abel's contributions to Take Care. Unfortunately, it looks like the two Torontonians are at odds once again. 

Drake seems to have unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram. This appears to be due to a bar in The Weeknd's collaboration with Gesaffelstein, "Lost In The Fire" which seems to have a bar directed at Drake. "And I just want a baby with the right one/ (I just want a baby with the right)/ 'Cause I could never be the one to hide one (I could never be the one to hide)," The Weeknd sings which many presumed to be a shot at Drake's child-reveal in 2018. The song ended up getting a co-sign from Drizzy's arch nemesis, Pusha T, who retweeted the song with three fire emojis which led many people to further speculate that the line was indeed a shot at Drake.

After unfollowing The Weeknd, Drake followed the person that taught him "everything he knows," Soulja Boy. Over the past few days, Soulja Boy has been coming for Drake through interviews and Instagram Live sessions. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy clowned Drizzy for, well, everything.

"Drake? Drake? The n***a that got bodied by Pusha-T?" he said when asked when asked about his comeback in comparison to Meek Mill. "The n***a that's hiding his kid from the world but the world wanna hide from his kid? Aubrey Graham, the wheelchair kid -- Drake?! Y'all n***as better stop playin' with me in here. Stop playing me like I ain't teach Drake everything he knows... He copied my whole fucking flow! Word for word, bar for bar."

The two previously collaborated on 2013's "We Made It Freestyle."