Drake's Scorpion has been straight dominating since it dropped last week. In its first day of being available, it reportedly racked up 200 million streams on Apple Music alone and amassed 435 million streams combined. The tape has been such big news, that Spotify users have said to cancel their subscription because Drizzy's face has been placed all over the platform and they can't take it anymore. 

With all combined and more, Drake clearly has a lot to celebrate and he's taken to Instagram to share a few photos of how he turned up and let loose to celebrate his two tape, 25-song drop. Five new pics to the Gram' see Drizzy posted up with some of his usual suspects such as Chubbs, J Prince and Jas Prince, with him showing off his pinky rings and summer tour stops from his album's t-shirt. "My bro said fuck it get money...my other bro said...," he captions the pic of his homie smoking up. 

Check out the photos below and read our album review for his latest tape here.