Kevin Hart hit up his Instagram to share a thankful message about his film The Upside and all the positive support it has received from fans. The film premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and was set for a January 2018 theatrical release, but was shelved due to Harvey Weinstein's involvement in the production of the movie. 

Now that it has cleared some waves, people are still lining up to view the dramedy and Kevin is very grateful. "Our 2nd week in theaters is shaping up to be just as big as the 1st week & it’s because of you guys. Thank you all for supporting this movie...I love my fans," he wrote on Instagram. 

A certain someone just couldn't help himself and had to comment on Kevin's post with some questions regarding the actor's beard - why didn't he just DM him? Drake dropped off a comment supporting Kevin's success but also questioning his barber's skills. 

“Man that’s so great to hear about how your first week shaped up but what about your barber shape up cause your beard is terrible,” Drake wrote. 

Kevin has yet to respond, but we can only hope that the comment was taken lightly.