Sometimes, the interests of today's youth align in a truly harmonious fashion. It's not often that Drake, video game live streaming, and memes coalesce so smoothly, yet lo and behold. By now, it's well apparent that Drizzy indulged in a bit of Twitch streaming last night, linking up with popular FortNite player Ninja for a four-hour session. If that wasn't enough to get the masses tuned in, their fellowship soon expanded to include Travis Scott and Steelers wide reciever JuJu Smith. 

While Drake is hardly the first rapper to play Fortnite, he's by far the biggest name; it's no surprise his presence helped shatter the existing Twitch record. At the stream's height, over six hundred thousand people were watching. And since meme culture and gaming are symbiotic to say the least, Drizzy's session ultimately went on to spawn a variety of solid memes. People seemed to enjoy Ninja's loyalty, Drake's brief stint as a bipedal bush, and more.

Check out some of the funniest memes from Drake's Fortnite stream below.