Once again, Drake has the entire world showing off their strongest dance moves. Social media is a very powerful place these days -- especially within the music industry. A song can blow up before it's even out. Just look at what happened to Lil Mosey and "Blueberry Faygo." TikTok alone was responsible for the rise of that song. Now, Drake is getting ready to reap the benefits of the medium again.

Currently the subject of the ultra-popular "Flip The Switch" challenge, a whole new dance has broken out based on the lyrics to Drake's unreleased "Toosie Slide." Due to its newfound popularity, the rapper has decided to rush its release and get it out to the world within the week.

Noting that he would be dropping the song in the next few days, Drake said that his strategy behind that was to capitalize on how the track has already racked up millions of plays on TikTok. Sharing the cover artwork on Instagram, he revealed the exact release date, which will excite the quarantined masses who are looking to have a little dance party in the living room.

"THURSDAY @ MIDNIGHT @toosie @ozmusiqe," wrote the recording artist in his caption, tagging the producer of the song and the influencer who made the dance so popular.

Are you excited about the release of "Toosie Slide" later this week?