Earlier tonight, Drake announced that he will soon be releasing a short film entitled "Please Forgive Me." He said that it will feature music from his latest album, VIEWS. Perhaps the music videos for multiple VIEWS tracks will be included in "Please Forgive Me." Released at the end of April, Drake is still yet to put out a video for one of the album's tracks (aside from the bonus track "Hotline Bling," which got a video last Oct.). The first "Please Forgive Me" screenshot he shared shows two women wearing opulent armored getups and the next is a close-up of a woman with her nails clenched around her jaw. 

In early 2015, before the release of If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Drake released a short film entitled "Jungle," which included music from IYRTITL but no full music videos. What do you think he has in store for "Please Forgive Me"?