Much has been said about Drake needing a veritable act of deliverance on Scorpion to ease the tension of his "loss" to Pusha T, and to assuage the dirt uncovered in the process. To prove his doubters wrong, Drake loaded up two full barrels of material, side A for the pure and applied rap fans, and side B for his lovelies at the top. Drake the consummate class president chose to assuage both sides, and most all, he refuses to be boxed in.

The first round of Twitter chatter really favors Drake, but if you dig deep enough you find pockets of resistance, mostly people pointing to the obvious trappings of fandom:

Inevitably, many came to his defense, including Genius who posited that Drake may in fact be the most versatile artist on record. Genius posted a meme listing off the many vestiges Drake has adopted in his career, also making reference to the so called irredeemable acts Drake has recovered from, and furthermore addressed on Scorpion.

Our very own users weighed in on the emotional resonance of the album, basically saying they (Aaron in particular) felt the album would be too rigorous for young listeners to comprehend. Aaron not only appreciate the tonal shift in Drake's music, but couldn't look past the recurring theme of woe is me "millionaire" fame.

Other users were simply spellbound by Drake's choice to come out swinging.

Or by his willingness to play the "bigger man."

And you can't forget the male-centric vote.

Any Drake drop invariably sets off a divisive cluster of opinions, with some fans forming their opinions before the needle drop. In this instance, Drake is likely too consumed by reality to lose his cool on a Tweeter.

Consider the fact he even confirmed the existence on his child on Scorpion. Once the album gets rinsed we'll know for sure where he stands on a few other issues too.