Drake recently revealed that his new album, Nothing Was The Same, was officially complete-- mixed & mastered and on it's way to you. As we await the release of it, Drizzy's been talking to MTV News about what to expect from the LP. And apparently, you can expect that it'll be better than Take Care.

Drizzy also talks about how he plans on singing for the rest of his life, so get used to it. He says he'll never do a straight rap album. "My biggest thing is...if you wanna listen to Drake music for the rest of your life — I welcome it, I want you to listen to it, I want you to be a part of it — just don't ever be surprised when I'm singing or using melody," Drake said. "I'm doing that on this album. This album is not some straight rap album, I'll never do a straight rap album. That's not how I came into this and that's never what I'll do. I make songs for the people."

On NWTS being better than Take Care, the rapper says, "The music that I'm making is more concise, more clear, and I've been able to get my thoughts a lot better on this album. Take Care is a great album, but I listened to it and realized where I could do better and I think I've done better on this album."

Cop the album on September 24th.