Last month, Drake teased his a new liquor brand he’s launching called Virginia Black. Dizzy worked with Brent Hocking to create the American whiskey brand. Hocking previously created DeLeon Tequila, which he eventually sold to Diddy & Diageo.

Last night, Drake unveiled a TV spot via his Instagram, as well as a pretty cheesy pic of him holding a bottle of the liquor. The branding evokes 1970s disco and funk vibes, down to its gold labeling. Drake and Hocking also provided a mission statement to Billboard for the new liquor: “We believe everyone should have access to glamour, swagger and soul. Virginia Black grants them that access, allowing people to embody the lifestyle always, not just on special occasions.”

That statement makes it seem like this won’t be exorbitantly priced, which is a nice gesture from Drizzy. The liquor isn't on sale yet, and doesn't have a release date. However, we wouldn't be surprised to see it hit shelves in conjunction with his upcoming album Views From The 6. Drake joins Diddy, Jay Z and 50 Cent as a rapper with a liquor brand under his belt. Not bad company to be in, all things considered. We do have one question for Drake, though – why didn’t he make a Canadian whiskey?