Album introductions are among a project's most important chapters, generally setting the tone for things to come. In many instances, artists opt for one of two options; the "hard" intro or the "introspective" intro. Both have their merits to be sure. Sometimes, as with Meek Mill's "Dreams And Nightmares", both archetypes connect. Suffice it to say, there are many who feel like an intro can define an entire album, establishing main themes, sonic aesthetic, and other hallmark qualities.

Drake's introductions are no exception, with a roster including "Fireworks," "Over My Dead Body," "Tuscan Leather," "Legend," "Keep The Family Close," and "Free Smoke." While a few lean toward the harder side, it seems as if he generally prefers kicking things off with some introspection, as he did on his first three studio albums. For his upcoming project, however, he seems to be coming out the gate with a bang. We don't exactly know much about the project, but it's clear that a direction and general tracklist are beginning to shape up. At the very least, Drizzy has secured the project's intro track.

Drake threw up an IG post showing off his new zip-up look, which received a comment from SteezeTheGreat. "Zip Up is hard," wrote Steeze, prompting a reply from the Six God. "Harder than the album intro or nah?" At least we know one thing - the opening track may or may not be harder than a zip-up sweater.