It was last year that Drake launched his line of Virginia Black Whiskey, securing his place among a host of rappers with lauded liquors contributing to their status and paychecks.

The roll out was certainly a success as the drink broke record's in the rapper's hometown of Toronto, even holding the top spot as the highest-selling liquor in the city at one point.

Since then, the pushing of the brand hasn't slowed up much as Drake and his crew can be seen carrying the bottle where ever cameras are present.

Now, the brand has debuted it's newest promotional clips featuring the '6 god,' and not all that surprising, the smooth stylings of Dennis Graham, Drake's father.

In a clear shot toward's Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man In The World" persona, Aubrey introduces his father to the masses as "The Realest Dude Ever."

Hilariously, the senior Graham deals out tenets that fit the bill.

"What's under my durag? Another durag," he declares in one of the clips.

Check them out below.