Since rising to prominence in the late nineties with a distinctly New Orleans sound, Birdman's Cash Money Records has become one of hip-hop's most widely recognizable labels, sparking a musical lineage that would eventually lead to Drake. As an integral piece of the movement, Lil Wayne's own brainchild extension YMCMB served to bring the legendary Drake and Nicki Minaj to the world, thus sparking a dynasty many still hold in the highest regard.

Drake Young Money Cash Money

Though he has since moved on to forge his own destiny, Drake has always kept his roots close to the heart -- so much so that he recently took to Instagram to rep his classic set. "They make it so hard to be friendly when I know part of it’s envy," captions Drizzy, alongside a nostalgic picture of himself rocking a YMCMB sweater.

While innocuous in itself, it's clear that Drake knows exactly what he's doing on a marketing level. Which is to say, stirring up further hype for his upcoming project -- whether this means he's going to be back on his proverbial BS, lining up features with Weezy, Nicki, and possibly even Tyga remains uncertain. Still, it really does feel as if the 6ix God is gearing up to prove a point. What better way than to bring things back full circle?