By now, you've likely heard buzz about the revival of Top Boy, a beloved UK series that suffered from a premature end after the second season in 2013. As it happens, Drake is responsible for the third season's existence, having secured a ten-episode Netflix deal for the once-dormant show. We recently saw Champagne Papi hold it down at the third season premiere, delivering a passionate speech to a jam-packed house. Now, it would appear that a documentary component is being unveiled one clip at a time. 

In a clip uploaded to Drizzy's YouTube page, the sudden cancelation of Top Boy is presented as a focal point. Given that the gritty series had gained a solid following in the UK, many were caught off guard by the decision to pull the plug - including the 6ix God himself. The clip finds returning series star Ashley Walters reflecting on getting the phone call from a curious Drake, who was eager to know when the doomed next season was meant to arrive.

"Drake revived it," says Walters. "He reached out to me, and was like show's amazing. When's it coming back on? I told him it's not happening. Two years later, he came to us with a Netflix deal." With behind-the-scenes footage of a presentation on deck, Drizzy opens up about his decision to get involved in the Top Boy's relaunch. "I really believe in this show," he says, addressing the crowd. "I think we have a lot of success in front of us."

Check out the teaser clip below, and look for the upcoming season of Top Boy to hit Netflix this coming Friday, September 13th.