Drake recently revisited the high-school years on "Sicko Mode," reminding his fans that he "used to bus it to the dance." Though such moments are long in the past, it seems as if Drake has been keeping in touch with some unexpected high-school connections. The rapper recently took to Instagram to share a conversation with his favorite high-school teacher, subject unknown.

"My favorite teacher in high school still texts me as if I am coming to class this week and I love her for that," writes Drake, sharing a screencap of the exchange. Clearly, the teacher in question, Kim J, has been following her former student's quest for various accolades. Highlighting his recent accomplishment of landing a twelve Billboard Top 10 singles in a single year, Drizzy's teacher seemed particularly proud. "WOW!!! That's pretty incredible! I often wonder what your 16/17-year-old self would think. Pretty awesome!" she writes.

Drake responds in kind, showcasing a keen ear for banter. "I don't think my 16 or 17 year old self would comprehend," he writes. I would just want a Nestea and to figure out how I could turn my 61% into a 73% ASAP." There's no doubt that this particular teacher left quite an impression on Drizzy, seeing as those he actually responds to feels like an exclusive club; case in point, the two hundred and fifty-two unread messages lurking in the upper left corner. Get this man a Nestea.