Drake's dedication to the Toronto Raptors is unlike most fans but sometimes, his fandom seems to be a bit extra. At the same time, you got to applaud just how far he'll go to remind everyone else that his city holds the NBA Championship title. Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks face the Raptors in Toronto and Drake was early to the game. Not only did he walk in with Chubbs on his side but also with two WWE Championship belts strapped onto his shoulders.


"I brought these for the mascot, you know what I'm sayin'?" Drake said as he strutted through the Scotiabank Arena. "We got our own belts too." Of course, it didn't end there. He really gave the belts to the mascot as he sat courtside yelling, "This ain't the Wizards, baby!" Drake's heckling appeared to get under Robin Lopez' skin who gave Drake the staredown. This also warranted a quick response from the Wizards' official Twitter account.

Bringing the WWE belts to the game appeared to be a shot at Giannis who was seen carrying one over his shoulder yesterday as he and his teammates had a WWE-style wrestling match against the mascot. It's unclear if Giannis has responded to Drake yet but there did appear to be an exchange between the two during the game recently. Peep the clips below.