One of the most entertaining parts of the Toronto Raptors' championship run was the antics of rapper, Drake. The Canadian artist is a global ambassador to the team and was constantly trash talking opposing players from his courtside seats during the playoffs. Now that the Raptors title has been secured, the team is in Toronto today for the championship parade where thousands of fans have come out to support their team. All of the Raptors players are on the float and to no one's surprise, so is Drake.

Drake's presence on the float may come as a bit of an eye-roll inducer although considering just how big of a star he is, it only makes sense that he would be allowed to take part in the festivities. He will probably come through with a huge speech that will unite the entire city as they celebrate their first professional sports championship since 1993.

Hopefully, the team brought the dips out as Drake famously stated that he wants his "chips with the dip." The rapper is one of those people who would prefer a plain chip with a nice dip on the side, then a chip that is already flavored. Personally, I have to agree with Drake on that one. Flavored chips are usually packed with so many chemicals that they're just not that good.

We can only hope that the Raptors stocked up on some lays for their big day.