On a night out after a show in Leeds on his Boy Meets World UK tour, Drake and his team visited a local branch of Nando's restaurant and splurged. The Canadian sensation racked up a $750 bill -- 600 British pounds to dine on spicy, Peri-Peri coated chicken late Thursday.

A source who witness the feast told The Daily Mail that Drizzy bought "'320 medium wings, 120 Lemon & Herb wings, 25 medium chicken wraps, 25 plain chicken wraps and eight medium 1/2 chickens.'" He also ordered 10 portions of spicy rice, 10 pieces of garlic bread, five portions of charcoal-grilled vegetables, and two portions of chips.

Apparently, other patrons were kept waiting as restaurant workers hurried to fill the 6 God's order. Some even took to Twitter to tell the news of their predicament.

The publicity couldn't have hurt the restaurant though. Nando's UK Twitter account even gave Drake a shoutout Friday.

Drake sure loves Nando's.