Drizzy's home continues to be an attractive spot for trespassers and burglars. The Canadian MC who boasts a mansion out in Hidden Hills in Los Angeles, already fielded one burglar away from his home at the beginning of July. Now another trespasser, different from this July incident, but a returning trespasser nonetheless, was arrested again last night.

In April, as we reported, the burglar was described as an obsessed fan, and she (a 24-year old woman) was caught sipping Sprite outside of Drizzy's estate. Soda which she had in fact stolen from inside the rapper's home. Drizzy reportedly decided not to press charges at the time.

However, the soda-stealing-and-sipping burglar ambitiously returned to Drake's mansion early Thursday morning. The woman reportedly told the security at Drake's home that she on the "list," to no avail. The security guard asked her to leave, but she refused. Eventually cops were called, and when they arrived, the young woman reportedly spit on them three times. She was pepper sprayed and then arrested for trespassing and assaulting a police officer.

Drake wasn't home at the time.