Over the weekend, Drake put himself in the hot seat, issuing a fun challenge to fans (and haters) worldwide. The goal is simple. Turn the More Life rapper into a meme with a hilarious caption. The winner, picked by Drizzy himself, will receive the new Calipari Pack J's. 

From my understanding, memes have formed into a subculture of sorts; what started with "not-sure-if Fry" and "good guy Greg" has evolved into something truly unwieldy. There are your garden variety memes, spicy memes, and the coveted (as described by some random I played Overwatch with once) dank-ass-lit-meme. 

Props to Drake for putting himself on the line, as many of the captions will inevitably be at his own expense. It's refreshing to see a more self-deprecating side of the rapper, and I'm curious to see which caption ultimately takes the prize. The picture has already amassed 182 thousand comments, and yours could be next. 

Hit up the champagnepapi page to flex that creativity.