If you can afford a million dollar outfit, you can likely afford to drop some cash on a private plane. We can safely assume for that years, Drizzy Drake has been travelling via PJ but he went and upped the ante for anybody who wants to stunt in the future. Not only is he out of economy class, but this man seriously went and got himself a whole new Drake-branded aircraft.

Kevin Mazur/VF18/Getty Images

If ever you're sitting at home wondering what Drake is doing with all his money, revisit this article and think to yourself how you can level up like him because the Canadian superstar just went and showed off his new plane like it's nothing. He stood as a team of designers unveiled the finished product, taking the cover off the "Air Drake" paint and revealing his logo on one of the wings. While the exterior is gorgeous, wait until you see the inside of this thing. Your jaw will drop when you witness the beauty of his fresh purchase, filled with comfortable couches, work areas, and more.

Drake's reaction is priceless as he looks on in awe, simply marvelling at what he's been able to accomplish by doing what he loves. If you're out here making music, keep at it because one day, this is what you can become.

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