During a few tour dates, Drake told fans that he would be working on the follow-up to Scorpion once he got off tour. Now that his joint concerts with Migos have come to a close, it seems like the Canadian artist is instead opting for some rest and relaxation before getting back into his album grind.

It's possible that Drake has laid down the groundwork for some of his post-Scorpion work but for now, he's soaking up the sun and spending time outside of his native Toronto to end the year. The superstar stood next to a beautiful view as he looked in the opposite direction. Clearly, Drake is used to such luxuries at this point. He wrote, "Real relief. Cause we both know my time ain't cheap."

Drake's time is far from cheap. He's said to have performed an exclusive dinner concert for $1 million, hitting the stage for 35-minutes. Hopefully, there's a studio inside the gorgeous suite Drake is calling home for the next few days. If not, we'll forgive him for taking some time off. However, this Scorpion follow-up won't make itself...

Drizzy looks to be enjoying his ocean view. After entertaining us for a few months on a nightly basis, he deserves it.