Although Tay Keith broke into the mainstream audience earlier this year, he's already put his imprint in the rap game. Since the top of the year, he's worked with Drake on three separate occasions on "Look Alive," Scorpion highlight, "Non-Stop" and Travis Scott's "SICKO MODE." There have been a few people who've suggested Tay Keith produce an entire project for Drake. While there hasn't been any indication that a full project is on the way, we'll still be getting some new music from the two in the foreseeable future.

Drake recently performed in Nashville with Migos as part of their "Aubrey & The Three Migos" tour which kicked off last month. During his performance, Drake announced that he'll be heading back into the studio with Tay Keith right after he wraps up his tour.

"I’m about to go finish this tour, I'ma go home. I’m gonna spend some time with my family, with my friends and I promise you that the next thing I’m doing is going right back to the studio with Tay Keith from Memphis, Tennessee and we gonna make us some more music.” He said.

Fans are definitely eager to hear what the Drake and Keith come up with. So far, their track record together is flawless and we could only imagine that they'll have more hits in the stash once they get back in the studio together.