Drake may have had to postpone some shows due to an ankle injury, but he was charged up as ever during his Friday concert in Toronto, or as he would call it, the 6. The crowd was as responsive as you'd expect to his Summer Sixteen Tour, which is nearly over, and he was clearly feeding off the energy when he decided to send out a message to his competition.

"Other rappers, I don't give a fuck about none of these other singers. Nobody can talk to me 'cause I'm from the 6," he said with confidence. "I go over there by myself, and I do it every single motherfucking time, boy."

It's not out of the ordinary for rappers to address their competitors in such a broad sense, but Drake has had a few public feuds with other artists over the last year or two -- Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, and Joe Budden come to mind -- so one can't help but think these remarks could be apply to at least one of those names.

Check out the clip of Drake's brief comments below.