On 2009's "Successful," a young Drake rapped, "Diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it," creating somewhat of a mission statement for his career from there on out. In a way, those words were accurate, as Drizzy rarely (if ever) calls out anyone by name in his music, but more accurately, he's become known as the king of the sneak diss, the sultan of the subliminal shot. Especially on his new If You're Reading This It's Too Late, the Toronto MC makes his targets pretty easy to guess: not every label boss owes him money, and not every rival rapper is dating a child. 

Some call Drake's diss style petty, some call it cowardly, but whatever the case, he's really started some shit with his words over the course of his career. Just ask Tyga. Often prompting more vulgar, immature responses, Drake's shots range from broad statements that apply to the whole rap game ("every song sound like Drake featuring Drake") to hyper-specific, subtle details that seem to piss off their targets to no end.

Unless he's talking to Rolling Stone, Drake tends to keep other rappers' names out of his mouth, but many times we can infer who he's talking about through carefully-crafted references. Here are his ten best diss lines that offer at least some clues as to whom they're directed at. Watch out Jas Prince, you might be next.