It appears Drake had himself an unwelcome intruder a couple weeks ago at his home in Calabasas, but thankfully (& oddly enough) nothing was taken. According to a report by TMZ, a member of Drake's crew walked into his house around 10:30 PM on the night of April 3rd and found a 24-year-old woman in one of the bedrooms, wearing one of Drake's hoodies.

Of course, the cops were called, but the woman told them she had permission to enter, which she clearly did not. She then confessed to stealing some Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water while there, ultimately resulting in her arrest and being charged with felony burglary. As TMZ points out, it doesn't matter if $100,000 in jewels were stolen or just a couple of soda pops… if she enters illegally and takes stuff it's a felony.

It's unclear at the moment how the woman got inside the house or how long she was in the there for, but one thing's for certain she didn’t get to see Drizzy as he wasn't even home.

We'll keep you posted if any other details surface.