The man credited with discovering Drake, former manager James “Jas” Prince, is suing the artist’s current managers claiming they have not paid him owed royalties.  From NYDailyNews, according to the filed suit, Cortez Bryant, Gerald Roberson, Derrick Lawrence and their firms, Aspire Music Group LLC, have failed to provide proper documentation as to what Prince is owed.

His attorney said Prince has not received any payment in over a year.  Apparently, when inquiring about what he was owed, Drake’s management team referred Prince to entertainment lawyer Robert Sweeney.  When Sweeney did not offer the information, Prince went directly to Lil Wayne’s company which controls Drake’s management team, and they again referred him to Sweeney, which lead "Jas" Prince to ultimately file the lawsuit.

There seems to be more to the story, as the issue is not just that James Prince hasn’t received due compensation, but neither has Drake himself.  In the papers, Prince says Drake is being cheated by his managers.

Prince attached a letter to the lawsuit which is from Drake’s lawyer terminating his exclusive contract with Lil Wayne’s Aspire Music Group.   The letter states that Drizzy has received “inexcusably delayed, incomplete, confusing and misleading” statements detailing what the performer is owed. 

The lawyer claims that Prince still has strong ties to Drake.