Drake, while promoting his album "Take Care," posted a billboard in Toronto for it, which says the city's population as well as utilizing the font for the official welcoming sign for Toronto (see a photo of the billboard below). Drake however did not have permission to use Toronto's logo.

A spokesperson for the city, Francine Antonio-Forte made a statement to the Star on it saying, “We would suggest that the treatment of the word Toronto used on the billboard is very similar to the wordmark that forms part of the Toronto logo. The similarity of the wordmarks, in conjunction with other creative elements used for the billboard, may cause some confusion about the source of the information.”

“While the city is proud of its local and international talent, we have a general practice of reviewing and addressing reported or known cases related to the possible misuse of the Toronto logo,” she said.

Although the billboard went up a few months ago, it seems to have just come to the attention of city officials, who are now reviewing the matter.