It's almost inarguable that Drake is the biggest thing in music right now. He can drop a terrible song and people will praise it as the best thing to ever happen. It would probably chart in the Top 5 on Billboard too. People continue to check for him and he's striving as he presumably begins work on his next album. As he mentioned on several tour stops, once his joint effort with the Migos came to a close, he would be hopping right back in the studio. It seems he was also hard at work on his OVO branding, rolling out a brand new collection for the kids to rep all over town. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The artist successfully introduced OVO merch years ago, opening a flagship store in Toronto as well. It's common knowledge that Drake had a starring role on Degrassi before becoming a huge star in the hip-hop world. He decided to combine the two ventures in one, creating a new OVO line for children and referencing his old show's title, sharing it as "The Next Generation."

Drake acted as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation and that's all come full circle now as he shows off the new kid's gear. He shared a video showing off all the new items that will be exclusively available at the OVO Square One store in Mississauga, showcasing a collection of hoodies, jewelry, t-shirts, and more. All of the displays have the OVO owl on them, with some integrating a Canadian flag as well.

The OVO Kids Collection will be made available on November 24. Are you copping for any little ones in your life?