The Super Bowl is the one event where the commercials demand as much attention as the main programming, and as a result, a Grammys ad got a whole lot of attention tonight -- though for the wrong reasons.

The commercial hasn't made its way online just yet, but according to viewers, it suggested that Drake would be performing at the award show -- something that hadn't previously been announced.

While there was some brief excitement on Twitter around what seemed to be a big announcement, Drizzy decided to set the record straight with his own tweet, writing, "I am not performing at the Grammy Awards...but hey it's the thought that counts."

Chances are, Drake was watching the game as well, and was probably just as surprised as his fans when he showed up in the ad.

Seeing as he'll be hosting All-Star weekend in his hometown just before the Grammys, it's possible Drake won't be attending the ceremony at all. With that being said, he's nominated for a few awards, including best rap album and best rap performance for "Back To Back".