Kanye West's "No More Parties In L.A." was a pretty exhilarating first listen, but there's one cool Easter egg on the track that wasn't immediately evident (unless you happen to be the world's biggest Drake stan).

Right after Ye's memorable call-out of that cousin who stole his laptop, a wild sample appears -- which is nothing out of the ordinary for Yeezy, but that sample just happens to be the work of Larry Graham, otherwise known as Drake's uncle.

Now, this is no accident, we'd like to think the record, titled "Stand Up and Shout About Love," came up at one of those dinner parties with Drizzy and the Kardashians, and Ye decided to throw it in as a shoutout when he completed the record in Italy this weekend. Either way, it's too obscure a record to be a coincidence.

Naturally, Drake is on board, and acknowledged Kanye's nod on Instagram, sending out a photo of the vinyl copy of Larry Graham's album, and captioning it "Few more parties in LA.".

Check out the two songs below. Find the excerpt at the 0:38 mark and 5:32 mark respectively. (Via WhoSampled)