Back in September of 2013 we reported on a lawsuit involving Drake and his OVO owl pendants. Basically, a jeweler by the name of Michael Raphael was suing Drizzy because he claimed the rapper hired him to design a custom chain with an owl pendant (for the price of $49,204), and after Drake received the one Raphael designed, the designer alleged that Drake had plenty of copies made, thus, he was suing for copyright infringement.

Now Drake has finally retaliated to the suit, saying that Raphael doesn't actually own the owl design. In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Drake states that the owl design is based off an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, which is a symbol that is more than 5,000 years old.

The Toronto native is asking the judge to throw out the case, because the owl hieroglyph cannot be copyrighted. Peep Drake's owl chains and the original Egyptian hieroglyph in the gallery above.