The story that ruled the headlines over the summer was the nightclub brawl betweenDrake and Chris Brown.  A litany of lawsuits ensued, including the club suing the two artists for damaging their reputation.  Now Drake has asked a judge to dismiss this, claiming that the club was not in good standing even prior to the debacle. 

Even though the fight with Drizzy and Breezy lead to bottles being thrown, and various club-goers incurring injuries, Drake contends that this is business as usual at this venue.  The Canadian rapper cites the New York Times, as it once described W.i.P. as having "a history of violence and other problems."

The YMCMB artist has also cited an incident in 2011 when the club was shut down by the NYPD, and even had its liquor license suspended because of "a string of violent incidents." Regardless of the outcome, don't expect this to be the last you year of the infamous club brawl.

[Via HHDX]