Drake has staked his claim as the current generation's face of hip-hop, following the unprecedented success of his singles and albums that have been released this decade. Earlier this month, he had his Billboard Hot 100 charting streak come to an end after almost eight years of having at least one song grace that list, which has helped cement his reputation as one of hip-hop's most acclaimed hitmakers. With that said, it shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone that Mr. Graham is able to attract some of the coolest names in music, sports and entertainment to parties that he hosts, be it at his crib or elsewhere. Based on recent pictures that he's shared online, Drake does have the best house parties.

Posting to Instagram over the course of the last day, Drizzy shared some pictures of him posing with some of pop culture's most recognizable names and faces. In one snap, he claims to be repping the Six "too hard" as he poses with Travis Scott and Jaleel White, the actor who played the iconic TV character Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters. Clearly, Drake was excited to have both men together under the same roof, sharing another black-and-white photo of the two of them together. Am I the only one who wants to think they did the Urkel dance at some point?

In a more quizzical update, a picture was taken of a large group of men around a long, candlelit table, with LeBron James being the instantly recognizable face of the bunch. There's really no telling what they may have been plotting together over drinks and/or dinner, but a closer look at the post reveals a TV mounted on the back wall, with a piece of audio seemingly streaming on it. Is it a new song from Drake? Is it a collaboration of some kind with James or one of his other party guests? Again, nothing has been confirmed officially as of this writing. However, with the recent news from the man himself that a new Drake album could see the light of day very soon, every new picture coming from the rapper stokes those fires a little bit.