Update: A UK representative for Universal Republic now tells FADER that the the art was meant to "tease the album release," and is "100% not the album artwork". The publication reports that this is the same source who initially told them the projection would reveal album art, which explains the misunderstanding. In other words, we're still waiting to see the official Views cover art. Sorry y'all.

Original text can be found below.

According to FADER
, Drake has unveiled the cover for his upcoming album, Views From The 6, on a building in London today. As a
photo shared on the magazine's Twitter account suggests, a familiar, 6-shaped image was projected onto the wall of the Royal Opera House in the city at around 8:20 PM London time.

Island Records has reportedly confirmed to the publication that this emblem is in fact the Views cover, but that's all the information we have so far. 

As far as when the LP will arrive, it could be any time this month according to Drizzy's last update, though fans feel the Toronto area code (416) could potentially play a part in when the rapper unveils the album.