When Pusha T responded to Drake's "Duppy" freestyle and made claims that the Canadian was a deadbeat dad that didn't support his "secret" child, the internet went wild. As we await Drizzy's response on record, he has already addressed the controversial photos showing him in "blackface." The allegations may seem to be unfounded but Drake may have reason to believe that the baby is actually his. With reports claiming that he has been financially supporting Sophie Brussaux since her pregnancy, Drake is apparently willing to take a DNA test to prove the legalities surrounding baby Adonis. This is a step he has not taken in the past as, according to TMZ, Sophie is not the first woman to claim she has had Drake's baby.

The media outlet states that the 6 God has been hit with numerous claims of paternity, which, if we're being completely honest, is not all that surprising given his celebrity status. However, what makes this new information relevant is the fact that Drake is planning to take a DNA test to determine his relation to Sophie's child, a step he has rarely taken in the past. Drake has reportedly always stood his ground against women that he has had sex with saying that, if there is proof he has fathered their child, he will support them. However, with claims coming even from women that he has never been intimate with, it's likely difficult to keep track of these things. 

While Drake's team initially was unsure of Brussaux's claims, claiming she "has a very questionable background," Drake reportedly believes there's a chance she could be telling the truth. The child has blue eyes and blonde hair, which was offputting to certain members of his entourage, but when the singer's schedule clears up, a DNA test will be performed.