We don't expect Drake to be the most politically-minded or politically-outspoken artist, however, the Toronto-bred artist has been coming through with a few remarks and reactions to the death of George Floyd, and the social upheaval that has followed.

When we waited to find out if the other three officers, all of whom stood around Derek Chauvin as he kneeled on Floyd's neck for over eight minutes, would be charged, Drake shared an image in his IG Story revealing he too was anxious for the outcome. Today, he's done similarly, sharing his view of the T.V. as he watched an interview between Thomas Lane's lawyer and Chris Cuomo on CNN. Lane is one of the three officers charged in aiding and abetting Derek Chauvin in the murder of Floyd.

drake thomas lane george floyd

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Drake wrote in reaction to the interview: "Thomas Lane lawyer struggling through an ATTEMPT to justify this situation live on television...can't even decide how to defend his client, this shit is foul to watch."

And now, there's a report circulating that Lane is actually seeking the public's help to fund his defense in this whole situation. Lane appears to be saying he did everything that the chain of command would allow, in the situation. 

We'll keep you posted.