Drake's music catalog is extensive. He's put out four studio albums, two mixtapes, one playlist and an EP he's dropped since stepping onto the scene in 2009. Not to mention the three mixtapes he dropped prior to signing to Young Money as well as the slew of loose singles he's dropped over the years. Either way, it's safe to say there's a lot of music he's dropped. You could only expect that with a catalog that large, there's bound to be people creating bootleg albums of his to sell at... anywhere they can. Recently, Drake was gifted one of them and from the looks of it, he ain't mad.

On his Instagram story, Drake shared a video of him and 40 with a bootleg Drake album, Scriptures. The two of them have a good laugh over it while Drake asks 40 which album of theirs is it.

"Yo, what album is this 40, man?" he says as he breaks into laughter, "What album did you just give me? I never put this out, man. What is this, man?"

The album's cover comes from the same promo shot used for the "Would You Like A Tour?" flyer and the back art contains a promotional picture from Views. The bootleg album is fifteen songs deep with joints like the incorrectly written "Back2Back," as well as other songs that have either leaked or popped up before he was even signed. It's a pretty humorous video and 40 seemed to have a good kick out of the whole thing.

In other Drake related news,  Pi'erre Bourne revealed in an interview that he and Drake are working on new music together. Drake just brought Bourne through for the Australian leg of his "Boy Meets World" tour as an opening act. Bourne revealed that he's got some music for his own project that he's trying to get Drake on and will also be doing some production for Drake's upcoming album. So hopefully, we'll be getting new Drake music in the early new year.

You could check the bootleg video out below: