Drake's newest track, "Days In The East" arrived out of the blue and in the middle of the night-- neither of which is out of character for Drizzy. What was a little more mysterious however, was the simplistic cover art, all black with a red 6 in the lower right hand corner.

If emerging OVO affiliate Jimmy Johnson's use of "the 6" as a nickname for Toronto (the last digit in the 416 area code) is any indication, we're guessing that this is what the number signifies.

The number and red on black aesthetic seem to go a bit deeper than a simple one-off however, as a very similar looking Billboard has now shown up in Toronto, complete with an OVO Owl logo as well.

Drizzy put up a "Started From The Bottom" Billboard last year, so it's quite possible this is in promotion of something-- the question is what?

Our best guess is a new EP... comprised of 6 tracks, and dropping on April 16 (4/16) perhaps?

Take a look at the Billboard in the gallery above.

[Update: Billboard Is Fake]

According to the very reliable fan site, Word On Road, the Billboard (and another one which popped up online) is a fake.

Y'all can stop your conspiracy theories now.

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