Drake is an avid basketball fan and at this point, that shouldn't come as a big surprise to anybody. The Canadian rapper was all over the sidelines during the Toronto Raptors playoff run and even celebrated their championship during the parade. Drake's latest piece of basketball fandom came today when he dropped his "Money In The Grave" music video with Rick Ross. After the release of the video, it was discovered via TMZ that Drake was actually wearing Bronny James Jr.'s jersey. The jersey in the question comes from Bronny's AAU team which was called Strive For Greatness.

After dropping the video, Drake took to Instagram with a picture of him wearing Bronny's jersey, while also tagging him in the post. It would be interesting to know where exactly he was able to cop the jersey as AAU kits are probably hard to come by. If you're Drake though, pretty much anything is obtainable as long as you ask for it.

If you're Bronny, this is a pretty cool honor as his jersey will forever be immortalized in a music video that will be seen by millions of people. It's yet another piece of proof that Bronny has the potential to be a huge star once he's old enough to be drafted to the NBA.