In the eyes of Drake's fervent fanbase, every day is Drizzy season. Now, Drake has reason to legitimately stoke the flames of hype, as all signs point to an album on the way. During a recent OVO-hosted celebration for Capo's birthday, Drake took a moment to preview some new music meant for his sixth studio album. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Image

While details of the album's overall direction remain scarce, it appears Drizzy will once again be revisiting the somber, slow-burning r&b aesthetic last seen on Scoprion's B Side. The new song finds Drizzy crooning over an airy, synth-driven beat, pining after unavailable women that always seem to cross his path. The snippet itself is hardly generous in length, but it certainly seems like Drake's sixth album will pick up where "Peak" and "Finesse" left off. At least sonically. 

Are you looking forward to a new Drake album? Megastar though he is, many have walked away from his last projects a little underwhelmed. In that sense, Drake still has plenty of upward ground to cover, should he so choose. Regardless, he'll likely break all manner of records whatever route he chooses to take. You think we can expect a new Drake project this year?