We're still waiting on the full track of that Hit-Boy-produced "Trophies" which sounds like a huge banger, not to mention the "Wu-Tang Forever" remix, and that's not all Drake has in store for us this winter.

Back in the summer, Drizzy decided to roll-out several songs in quick succession through his OVO blog. VIBE reports that the same approach will be taken by Drake for five unreleased tracks.

"Not an EP, but maybe a blog thing like how I did 'Versace,' 'The Motion,' all those in one night," the OVO rapper said of how he'll drop five previously unheard records. "I’ll probably do 'Trophies' and three or four other records."

"['Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)'] will probably come out with all that stuff—I hope," Drake added. "It’s on 40. He has all the verses."

As for what other cuts we might see in this roll-out, there could be a joint from DJ Dahi, who produced "Worst Behavior" and has something else in the bag with Drake, which didn't make NWTS.

Dahi said, "There was another beat that they were actually working on that I did. It would've sounded totally different from the album, it was a little more uptempo."

When can you expect all this new music from Drake? Reportedly, before New Years, so stay tuned!