Last week, an Alberta hockey team called the Humboldt Broncos were involved in a bus accident, leading to the death of sixteen young men. The tragedy was deeply felt throughout Canada, and support for the bereaved has been ongoing. Now, one of the game's biggest voices has lent his support to the victims and their families. During the Raptors playoff game on Saturday, Drake was seen in attendance wearing a Broncos jersey in solidarity; a gesture that may very well have gone over the heads of American viewers, who admittedly don't follow hockey to the same extent as their Northern neighbors.

After the game, Drake paid a visit to the Raptors locker room, where he is seen as something like a guest of honor. Despite the fact that the Raptors bested the Wizards 114-106, Drake's mood was bittersweet. "Sorry guys, if I can ask one favor to you guys," says Drake, removing the jersey. "I don't know if you guys know this story, but a lot of families suffering from this bus crash, so I was hoping we could all just sign this." 

Despite being one of the biggest superstars on the entire planet, it's clear that Drake remains firmly entrenched in the great white North. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives in the Humboldt bus crash, including Dayna Brons, Logan Schatz, Jaxon Joseph, Conner Lukan, Stephen Wack, Logan Hunter, Evan Thomas, Adam Herold, Jacob Leicht, Logan Boulet, Parker Tobin, Darcy Haugan, Mark Cross, Tyler Bieber, Brody Hinz, and Glen Doerksen. As of now, a GoFundMe dedicated to their families has raised over $11 million.