Friday, November 3rd was a big day for the tech world, it was the release of the iPhone X. 

Many debated purchasing the latest phone, while some put the smartphone on the eBay market to hit the bidding wars and cash in big. Those who did drop $999 for the Apple product are all facing a similar, very frustrating feature that comes with the latest iOS update - your keyboard predicting that the letter "i" should actually be "A[?]."

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Of course, you can see how frustrating this is for all users of the iPhone since the vowel is used in almost every sentence. The error has not only brought the Twitterverse to react but also Drake, who posted a photo to his Instagram with the caption, "Me waiting for Apple to stop turning my “I” into an I️."

Me waiting for Apple to stop turning my “I” into an I️

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Tyrese Gibson, who is known for his lengthy Instagram captions, was forced to use "!" every time he wanted to use "I" in his last post to the gram. 

When ! was a kid in Watts ! use to notice that real MEN who was there for their kids was given a “cigar” at birth..... This ! didn’t understand cause my dad wasn’t there for me........ ! had to learn really fast what being a bully is - the first sign of a bully is for people to laugh at your dreams......... My Pastor Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer said son, haters have a job to do.... no one wants to be unemployed you must love then and embrace them TOO..... Cause believe it or not some of our best lessons will come from haters....... ! guess he was right......... Y’all remember the bootleg Forbes cover? Remember............ ? Standby God is up to something her name is #ShaylaGibson cause #ShaylaRocks Gn #AgapeLove it’s what @RevWon has been teaching me for 9 years.....

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Apple has released a temporary solution to fix the problem until the latest iOS software is re-wired. You simply have to go to your keyboard settings and make a shortcut for the letter "i". You can learn the steps here

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Check out some of the frustrated tweets from users worldwide.