Drake is a bonafide hitmaker and that's a fact you can not dispute now. Whether or not you enjoy Drake, the rapper has officially surpassed every single artist or group on the Billboard Hot 100 for most entries ever. This arrives a week after Drake joined Lil Yachty on "Oprah's Bank Account" that debuted at 89 on the Hot 100. Drake officially has more hits than the cast of Glee who he tied after the release of Future's "Life Is Good." With 208 official entries to his name, the Canadian rapper will continue to rack up the hits in the months to follow.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Although the last few entries from Drake have been off the strength of his features, The Boy is readying a new project that may or may not drop this year. Last week, he hopped on Instagram Live with Dabbing Granny where he revealed that he had been locked in the studio overnight working on his new album. After asking when it might see the light of day, Drake revealed that he would drop it whenever it's ready. However, given the release of his latest "leaks" including "Chicago Freestyle" and "When To Say When," as well as late December's "War", it seems like he has already begun the rollout.

Peep the list of most Hot 100 entries below. 

Most Hot 100 Entries All-Time
208, Drake
207, Glee Cast
168, Lil Wayne
109, Elvis Presley
108, Nicki Minaj
107, Kanye West
100, Jay-Z
99, Chris Brown
97, Taylor Swift
93, Future
91, James Brown
88, Eminem
80, Justin Bieber
75, Ray Charles
73, Aretha Franklin
71, The Beatles