Pooh Shiesty is climbing up the ranks of rap royalty these days. Fresh off of the release of Shiesty Season, and the success of "Back In Blood," the rapper is truly basking in the glory of rap stardom. Unfortunately, the rapper lost his brother last week after a battle with cancer. As the rapper shared tributes on social media, and friends and peers offered their support and prayers during this time, he revealed that he received some words of wisdom from Drake recently.

Pooh took to his IG Story where he shared a voice memo from Drake who sent a heartfelt message following Pooh's brother's death. "I just want to send you my condolences, man. You know, and just let you know that, like, the cycle of life is unfair, you know? It just hits us so hard," Drake said in the message. "Money can't change that, you know? Something I just went through, too, with one of my friends," he admitted, before acknowledging Pooh's hustle, grind, and resilience to make it this far and to provide for those around him.

 John Phillips/Getty Images

"Just know that's something everybody got to witness and I'm sure they're all just proud of you, the most love for you in their hearts and that's something I want you to know," he continued. "In a tough time like this, realize what you've been able to accomplish in this short time and what you have in front of you. I'm wishing you strength in these times, man."

Pooh Shiesty captioned the posts to his story, "Real n***as back in style." Check the voice memo below.