Thankfully, What a Time to Be Alive (mostly) focused on the present, the "now." Both Drake and Future have been on their own respective winning streaks, and their collaborative album is about channeling their two different, but equally flourishing, energies into something special. Personally, I find that far more interesting than further attempts to recognize Drake as the unequivocal victor in his feud with Meek Mill. A rather quick victory is a better look for Drizzy than a drawn-out torture session. 

We did just report, however, that Future may have thrown his first jab at Meek on "Big Rings," when he rapped, "You just a battle rapper / I'm a real trapper." 

Upon first listen, though, Drake didn't throw too much at Meek, subliminal or otherwise. Sure, he's got enemies, but for most of WATTBA, he isn't concerned with his competition. But, though he didn't call out Meek explicitly, he did mention the man over whom the entire beef was started in the first place: Quentin Miller

On the very first track, "Digital Dash," Drizzy raps, in his first verse late into the song, "I might just take Quentin to Follies." 

He's presumably referring to the Follies strip club in Atlanta, though he uses the club's name to joke that he may take Quentin to a theatrical performance full of impersonators. Though maybe he just wants to award Miller with a few racks for his work on IYRTITL

In any case, this is the first time Drake has explicitly mentioned Quentin Miller by name since the initial ghostwriting accusations. It's good to see that he's not afraid to have a laugh about the whole thing.